Mobile Distribtutor Billing in Tally

We have customized Tally.ERP9 for Invoice entry and printing for Mobile Distributors, in which, the user can tag accessories along with the mobile, and while entering sale bill, the accessories will be selected automatically in the voucher, the rates of the accessories like charger and battery can be set in the mobile item, can be tracked from standard code, or from price list.

mobile distributor sales voucher entry


in the invoice printing, the breakup is shown as :

breakup of accessories in sales printing for mobile distributors and dealers

Release Order Software for Advertisement Agency

Release Order creation is an important activity in an AD Agency dealing with Newspaper Advertisement.
Data entered has to be accurate. Also, it is a tedious job involving considerable amount of manpower in Creating, Verifying, Printing/Emailing of the Release Order. Keeping track of whether Sales Bill has been made or not for the insertions which have been published is also a pain area.

Ad Manager, The Release Order Software for Advertising agency, handles the task of Creating a R.O. efficiently, whether it is for SQ CM, Col CM, Flat Space, Classified, or Classified Display.

Feature List:

    1. Multi Company’s can be created in the system (with same/different RO & Billing Print Format).
    1. Advance User Security with Admin configurable access rights.

Multiple Type of Service Tax Configuration. (Service tax with Abatement or without abatement, in same RO/Bill).

Locking of Audited RO, Sales, Purchase, Debit Note, Credit Note entries for prevention of accidental Changes.

Count of No. of times a RO, Bill, etc has been printed.

User can Attach Documents (Pdf, images etc) along with Release Order, Bills.
Size/Colour/Date Shifting of Insertions as well as Cancellation of an Insertion or a RO can also be done.

Tally Barcode Labels Generator

Generate Barcode Labels from Tally. Barcode Helps in Faster entry of Product while making a Sale. Most Products comes with barcode printed on them. If you are selling product manufactured or packaged by you, then, with the help of this Tally Customization, you can easily generate Barcodes lables for your products.

Feature List

  • Unlimited Templates
  • Highly configurable Template Designer.
  • Support for Logo
  • Integrated with Tally.ERP9
  • Fix Text e.g. Company Name etc can also be displayed
  • Application supports variety of Label sizes and they can be fine tuned according to the requirements.
  • No. of Labels in a row can also be defined.
  • Bar Code Data

1. Can be entered Directly in the Application,
2. Can be Extracted from Tally.ERP9.
3. Can be Imported From Microsoft Excel.

Import Masters from Excel into Tally

Easy to Use, Wizard Driven, Tally Masters Import from Excel Tool.
Features of this Tally Customization/ Import Tool :

  • Import from Microsoft Excel Files
  • Values are configurable
  • Default values can be provided at run time
  • Provision to Create Default Parent Objects (eg: Stock Group in case of Stock Item)
  • Custom Fields can be imported with this module.
  • Provision to Select Company to Import Data to.
  • Option to Select Header Start Row
  • Control of No. of Master records to process is also there. (0 for all, 10 for top 10 etc)
  • If a new object is encountered, the Application can be changed to incorporate instantly.
  • Multi Objects (e.g. Address) import provision is also there.
  • Powerful Formula Parser After Cell Reading/ Before Posting.
Application in action

Application in action

Configuration Screen

Configuration Screen

Send SMS from Tally

With the help of this Tally Customization, you can send SMS from Tally itself. The SMS can be send Instantly or Periodically as required. Individual Vouchers, as well as Outstanding Details can be send.


•Template Configuration.
•Assign same templates to a set of voucher types (for example, create a template for Payment voucher type, and then assign the same template for all Payment Voucher types which you have made). if you want to send different sms for a particular Payment voucher type, then assign a different template to that Voucher type.).
•Templates can be changed for individual vouchers also. (if configured in Voucher type, the template will be taken from there. But while sending the sms, you can change the template to use).

When a Voucher is saved in Tally, User will be prompted to send a SMS (if configured for that voucher type and for that ledger).

Apart from Vouchers, Outstanding SMS can also be scheduled.