Release Order Software for Advertisement Agency

Release Order creation is an important activity in an AD Agency dealing with Newspaper Advertisement.
Data entered has to be accurate. Also, it is a tedious job involving considerable amount of manpower in Creating, Verifying, Printing/Emailing of the Release Order. Keeping track of whether Sales Bill has been made or not for the insertions which have been published is also a pain area.

Ad Manager, The Release Order Software for Advertising agency, handles the task of Creating a R.O. efficiently, whether it is for SQ CM, Col CM, Flat Space, Classified, or Classified Display.

Feature List:

    1. Multi Company’s can be created in the system (with same/different RO & Billing Print Format).
    1. Advance User Security with Admin configurable access rights.

Multiple Type of Service Tax Configuration. (Service tax with Abatement or without abatement, in same RO/Bill).

Locking of Audited RO, Sales, Purchase, Debit Note, Credit Note entries for prevention of accidental Changes.

Count of No. of times a RO, Bill, etc has been printed.

User can Attach Documents (Pdf, images etc) along with Release Order, Bills.
Size/Colour/Date Shifting of Insertions as well as Cancellation of an Insertion or a RO can also be done.