Release Order creation is an important activity in an AD Agency dealing with Newspaper Advertisement.
Data entered has to be accurate. Also, it is a tedious job involving considerable amount of manpower in Creating, Verifying, Printing/Emailing of the Release Order. Keeping track of whether Sales Bill has been made or not for the insertions which have been published is also a pain area.

Ad Manager, The Release Order Software for Advertising agency, handles the task of Creating a R.O. efficiently, whether it is for SQ CM, Col CM, Flat Space, Classified, or Classified Display.

Feature List:

    1. Multi Company’s can be created in the system (with same/different RO & Billing Print Format).
    1. Advance User Security with Admin configurable access rights.

Multiple Type of Service Tax Configuration. (Service tax with Abatement or without abatement, in same RO/Bill).

Locking of Audited RO, Sales, Purchase, Debit Note, Credit Note entries for prevention of accidental Changes.

Count of No. of times a RO, Bill, etc has been printed.

User can Attach Documents (Pdf, images etc) along with Release Order, Bills.
Size/Colour/Date Shifting of Insertions as well as Cancellation of an Insertion or a RO can also be done.

Default Purchase and Sales Ledgers can be configured for Different type of RO.
Duplication of a RO or an Insertion, for faster Data entry.

Publisher-Paper tagging with Multi Edition. (Provision for a Publisher who can have multiple papers running, having different editions. No need to maintain different Publishers for different Papers/ Editions.).

Auto Posting of Publisher Master into Tally. In Bills Posting, Paper, Agent Executive can be posted as Cost Centre.
If a Debtors deals in multiple products, we can track product wise Details.
Many Ledgers can be selected with Insertions, with provision of clubbing their values with Purchase/Sales Ledger. This helps in having details printing, while maintaining single ledger for accounts.

AD Category can be selected to show in any, all or selected types of AD
Columns can be customized in reporting.

Reports/Vouchers can be exported in MS-Excel, PDF, MS-Word format or E-mail them directly from the application.
Dashboard showing Day book, RO Register, Sales Register, Insertions which are due Today, Pending Sales and Purchase Bills for quick overview.

Estimate entry and Printing along with Circulation of Paper.
Sales Bill Generation Wizard for error-free conversion of RO to Sales, with provision to generate bills for selected party, all parties, specific RO, specific Insertion etc.
Also the generated Sales Bills can be viewed there itself, used for quick printing and viewing of bills.
Splitting of Sales Bill to multiple Parties.
Posting of Sales, Purchase, Debit Notes, Credit Notes into Tally for further processing.
RO-wise, Insertion-wise, Party wise Profitability report.
Full Insertion Editing History is maintained.
Locking for accidental Deletion of RO, Insertions.
Various MIS Reports for day to day functioning.