With the help of this Tally Customization, you can send SMS from Tally itself. The SMS can be send Instantly or Periodically as required. Individual Vouchers, as well as Outstanding Details can be send.


•Template Configuration.
•Assign same templates to a set of voucher types (for example, create a template for Payment voucher type, and then assign the same template for all Payment Voucher types which you have made). if you want to send different sms for a particular Payment voucher type, then assign a different template to that Voucher type.).
•Templates can be changed for individual vouchers also. (if configured in Voucher type, the template will be taken from there. But while sending the sms, you can change the template to use).

When a Voucher is saved in Tally, User will be prompted to send a SMS (if configured for that voucher type and for that ledger).

Apart from Vouchers, Outstanding SMS can also be scheduled.

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