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Import Masters from Excel into Tally

Easy to Use, Wizard Driven, Tally Masters Import from Excel Tool.
Features of this Tally Customization/ Import Tool :

  • Import from Microsoft Excel Files
  • Values are configurable
  • Default values can be provided at run time
  • Provision to Create Default Parent Objects (eg: Stock Group in case of Stock Item)
  • Custom Fields can be imported with this module.
  • Provision to Select Company to Import Data to.
  • Option to Select Header Start Row
  • Control of No. of Master records to process is also there. (0 for all, 10 for top 10 etc)
  • If a new object is encountered, the Application can be changed to incorporate instantly.
  • Multi Objects (e.g. Address) import provision is also there.
  • Powerful Formula Parser After Cell Reading/ Before Posting.
Application in action

Application in action

Configuration Screen

Configuration Screen