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Tally Barcode Labels Generator

Generate Barcode Labels from Tally. Barcode Helps in Faster entry of Product while making a Sale. Most Products comes with barcode printed on them. If you are selling product manufactured or packaged by you, then, with the help of this Tally Customization, you can easily generate Barcodes lables for your products.

Feature List

  • Unlimited Templates
  • Highly configurable Template Designer.
  • Support for Logo
  • Integrated with Tally.ERP9
  • Fix Text e.g. Company Name etc can also be displayed
  • Application supports variety of Label sizes and they can be fine tuned according to the requirements.
  • No. of Labels in a row can also be defined.
  • Bar Code Data

1. Can be entered Directly in the Application,
2. Can be Extracted from Tally.ERP9.
3. Can be Imported From Microsoft Excel.